McDougal Littell Answers Law Cases Summary

McDougal Littell Answers

Plessy v Ferg- separate but equal accommodations

Brown v board of ed- reversed prior ruling about separate but equal because it violated equal protection clause.

PGA Tour v Martin-  Martin being disabled riding in a golf card did not fundamentally change the game

Carnival Cruise Lines v Shute-  Forum selection clause in the cruise ticket was enforceable and she must sue them in florida.

Ferlito v Johnson n Johnson-  cotton ignited on Fertito and he sued. JJ’s notion for J.N.O.V was granted because reasonable minds could not have reached the previous verdict.

Geier v American Honda- federal passive restraint safety standard preempted the District of Colombia’s tort law under which petitioner Geier sued, and dismissed his lawsuit.

Wickard v Filburn- Filburn violated law, and court upheald statute that it offected interstate commerce.

Reno v Condon- Congress has authority under Commerce Clause to eenact Federal Driver’s Privacy protection act.

US v Playboy- Sec 505 was overly broad restriction on legal content-based speech. And violated 1st ame.

Grutter v Bollinger and Michigan Law School- schools policy on using race as a plus factor did not violate equal protection clause.

Goodman v Walmart- she was false imprisoned and handcuffed in front of children

Roach v stern-  stern intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

Wilhelm v Flores- Wilhelm owed a duty of care to warn Flores the dangers of working with bees, and was negligent in not doing so.

James v Meow Media-  defendant videogame distributers did not owe a duty of care to the plaintiffs.

Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad Co- Railroad co was not the proximate cause of her injuries.

Matthias v Accor Economy Lodging/Motel 6 – motel 6’s willful and wanton conduct warranted award of damages.

Lilya v Greater Gulf State Fair- Riding mechanical bull is open and obvious danger, assumption of risk.

Cook v Whisell-Sherman- Dog owner strictly liable to mail carriers injuries.

Benedi v McNeil-  Negligent failure to warn Benedi about dangers of Tylenol.

Shoshone Coca-cola Bottling co v Dolinski- Nevada adapted strict liability for the bottling company.

Lakin v Senco- Nailgun was defectively designed, and Lakin was awarded damages.

Elsroth v Johnson Johnson- there was not a defect in packaging therefore the defendants were not liable for death.

J.E.M Ag Supply inc Farm Advantage v Pioneer Hi-Bred International-  sexually reproducing hybrid plants is patentable subject matter.

Newton v Beastie Boys-Beastie boy’s de minimis sampling of the song did not constitute copyright infringement.

Two Pesos v Taco Cabana- Trade dress is protectable under Lanham Act without proof of secondary meaning.

John Doe v GTE corp.  GTE not liable for nude videos,  because they were not a publisher.

Atwater v Lago Vista- fourth amendment permits police officers to make a warrantless arrest pursuant to a minor criminal offense.

Kyllo V US- Thermal imaging is a search, and evidence was thrown out.

City of Indianapolis v Edmond-  stopping vehicles without individual suspicion is unreasonable search and seizure.

City of Everett- under the objective theory of contracts,  the safe and its contents are now property of the buyers.

Wrench LLC v Taco Bell- taco bell breached an implied in fact contract

Mesaros v US- the advertising materials sent out by the US mint were a solicitation to make an offer, not an offer.

Lim v TV Corp International- TV corp breached contract

Alden v Presley- Presley’s promise was gratuitous promise not supported by consideration.

Cooper v Smith- gifts to Smith were not revocable just because engagement is off.

Dementas v Estate of Tallas- Dementas’s promise was unenforceable because it was based on past consideration

Jones v Free Flight Sports Aviation-  contract was valid because it was ratified as he continued doing business with them

Flood v Fidelity- poisoned husband for life insurance policy which was void under public policy.

Ryno v Tyra-  coin flip car bet, facts of incident conclude transfer of car was gift.

Zivich v Mentor Soccer Club- parents sig on exculpatory agreement releases other parties liability for injury damages McDougal Littell Answers